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I’ve been gone for months. After writing 56 articles between the months of May and September i seemingly evaporated into the ether.

For the minuscule audience i’d grown, it must have came as a shock. Or perhaps only raised an eyebrow, or shot a second glance, or maybe nothing at all.

Regardless of the details, the facts remain the same. After a seemingly prolific period of writing, i’d quit.

Hung the boots up, logged off, retired.


Fake Scripts

Why does anyone stop doing anything?

Other commitments, lack of motivation, diversion of focus, family death, busy schedule — it could have been any of the above.

In truth, it was something far less dramatic, yet more complex than the aforementioned factors.

It was simply confusion and ambiguity.

<This is something i’ve discussed in a variety of articles from a plethora of viewpoints so i won’t bother with the archetypal example of the mid 20s postgrad:

“I’m just struggling to find myself”

It’s true… but it’s a lame fucking excuse to not try.>

The moment i left the digital typewriter was a moment in my life that was confusing and ambiguous. I’d started a new job, i was unsure of my travel plans for the next year, i was terrified of situating my focus in an area with potentially 0 pay off.

In my youthful naivety, i’d self scripted the idea that other pursuits demanded more attention, time and energy than writing. I’d convinced myself that even amongst the hours spent on YouTube, days spent on dating apps and weeks spent getting drunk, that i simply didn’t have the time to write.


It seems funny reminiscing about it now.

It’s like watching your friend rebound to that ex that treated them like shit. Or that scene out of Interstellar where Mathew McConaughey screams at his younger self — STAY . It’s abundantly evident how dumb it is but there’s simply nothing to be done.

However stupid my approach was it doesn’t even matter because this is all in the past. There’s no point in wallowing in self-pity about past decisions. It won’t change anything.

The Future

So instead of droning on about why people quit things, i’d like to discuss what i have planned for 2022. I’d imagine that throughout this year, i’ll write a plethora of articles upon each of these subjects; thus, i’ll discuss them briefly and perhaps you can take inspiration from them.

It’s worth noting that i’m writing this more so for myself than the reader. It just so happens that, in my case, the most therapeutic form of writing seems to be public.

Without further ado:

Sobriety & 75Hard

I went sober for 2020 and fucking loved it. Early rises, no hangovers, a consistent unwavering feeling of accomplishment, enhanced ability to build routines & big savings for the bank account amongst other things. Alongside this i’ve decided to throw in the 75Hard challenge because if there’s anything i love — it’s self-help and a challenge rolled in to one.

Photography & NFT creation/curation

Photography is something i’ve played about with for a while but recently it’s becoming more and more fun/appealing. I go travelling to Kathmandu at the end of February and the thought of getting some crispy Himalaya/Everest shots gives me a semi. Furthermore, i’ve recently delved into the NFT side of crypto via twitter and absolutely adore the community and the principles it’s built upon. I can’t wait to combine them and merge 2 hobbies that might possibly develop into passions.

Crypto Investing

I love everything crypto & de-fi stands for. I love the decentralisation, the privatisation, the technology, the community — everything. Additionally, i aspire to live a life of financial freedom; unrestricted by geographical or fiscal limitations.


Based on my previous declarations, you might be convinced that I aspire to become a writer myself. In truth, I thoroughly enjoy the process of writing but i’m still unsure of wether it’s a budding passion or simply a mechanism of self-regulation. For now, i’m not going to set any arbitrary targets — i’ll write when i want or when i decide is necessary.

Travelling & Hobby development

I leave on a flight to Kathmandu on the 28th of February — essentially for good. I plan on visiting an expansive list of countries including Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Estonia, Portugal, Paraguay & Canada and i couldn’t be more excited. While doing so i hope to develop myself personally and professionally.

Closing Thoughts

This first article back has some scrappy, slapdash and downright lazy grammar. Perhaps my sentence structure is loose and a word is misspelled here and there.

I don’t really care.

It’s just the first article to get me back on my feet.

I’m not here to be perfect, i’m here to get started.

I want to write more consistently this year. Not for the fame, fortune, achievement or anything in between. I want to write for the mental clarity.

For the ability to think clearly in a world of ambiguity.

A few months ago the ecosystem of my mind read a forecast of overcast with heavy showers.

Right now it’s reading moderate clouds and a gentle breeze.

With time and effort, i expect to see some blue skies.

As Always,

Yours Honestly,

Commodore Pipas.




Writing to better understand my own thoughts.

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Liam Lawson

Liam Lawson

Writing to better understand my own thoughts.

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